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In order to apply our method in a scenario that mimics the admission of new patients, we split the hospitalizations into training and validation subsets. For the ISR data, we used the available admission date to select hospitalizations that spanned the first year of our data (July 2010 to June 2011) as our training set and validated on hospitalizations occurring in the subsequent 211 days, totaling 999 hospitalizations. For the USA data, we split the data into train and test sets (two thirds and a third, respectively) using the available sequential ordering of their admission dates. As with the cross-validation scheme, we masked similarities between hospitalizations of the same patient. We computed the precision of our predictions by counting the number of patients for which the top predicted discharge code was the same as one of its true diagnoses. Similarly, we also computed the performance when testing whether the true discharge code of a patient appeared in the top two predictions, top three and up to the top ten predictions per patient.

In order to identify ICD codes that are significantly correctly predicted, we compared the number of correct predictions for each ICD code against a background of 10 5 randomly shuffled patient-diagnosis associations sets.

Figure 1

A schematic view of the method. Similarities between ICD codes and between hospitalizations are computed (A) . A new patient is scored according to the most similar patients with a certain diagnosis (B) . A classifier is applied to select the top scoring diagnoses for this patient (C) . ICD, International Classification of Diseases.

In order to gain insights about the global properties of the medical history, blood test and ECG similarities, we first examined the networks formed by associating an individual patient with the closest matching patient in the historical database. Interestingly, the networks formed by these similarities show marked differences (consistent across the two EHR datasets). While medical history similarities tend to connect patients into big clusters, blood test and ECG similarities display highly disconnected sub-networks [See Additional file Best Store To Get Fake Womens Skirt Molly Bracken Get Authentic Online Perfect wJGndAsihG
: Figures S1A-C and Additional file 3 : Figure S2A-B]. The integration of similarity measures with markedly different properties boosts classification performance (as displayed in Additional file 3 : Figure S2).

We focused on inferring the primary discharge codes for the hospitalization, as they encompass the most crucial piece of information for the caring physician. Due to information content and ICD code usage differences between the two datasets, we train and predict on each dataset independently (see also Discussion for expansion). Our EHR datasets included a set of ranked discharge codes assigned by hospital specialists based on coded and unstructured clinical data in the patient record. We selected a gold standard of ‘primary’ discharge codes consisting of the two top-ranked discharge codes per patient. In the case of the ISR dataset we added a sparse set of release codes assigned by the physician (accompanying the free-text release notes) totaling 2.2 ± 1.2 codes per patient on average. Overall, our set included 469 and 396 third level ICD diagnostic and procedural codes for the USA and ISR datasets, respectively (Methods).

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Diabetes Care 2001 Jun; 24 (6): 1121 - 1123. Paloma Barceló Woman Laceup Woven Jute Ballet Flats Black Size 37 Paloma Barceló Up To Date 1RK2i04

Postural hypotension (PH) is a feature of autonomic failure that may result from various causes and can be very difficult to treat. Recently, we and others ( Womens Leggings Barbara Becker Original Cheap Price Cost Sale Online Free Shipping Excellent XvJ34F96SA
, 2 , 3 ) have shown that some patients with severe symptomatic autonomic neuropathy from type 1 diabetes (type 1 DAN) have a normocytic anemia associated with erythropoietin (EPO) deficiency. The treatment of these patients with EPO rapidly corrects their anemia ( 1 ) and improves their overall well-being. Preliminary observations by Hoeldtke et al. ( 3 ) of the effect of a maximum of 9 weeks of EPO treatment on blood pressure (BP) demonstrated a positive response in four cases of PH in type 1 DAN patients, but evaluation of BP was limited to only two to three readings before and after EPO treatment. These results stimulated the present study, in which we investigated the effect of EPO treatment for 3 months on supine and standing BP in four anemic EPO-deficient type 1 DAN patients.

The patients were treated with recombinant human EPO (25 IU/kg s.c. thrice weekly). All four patients were women (48, 41, 30, and 30 years of age with a duration of diabetes of 13, 24, 19, and 11 years, respectively) and each had normocytic anemia with inappropriately low serum EPO levels. The known causes of anemia were excluded. All of the patients included in the study had pronounced symptomatic PH and at least one other symptom of autonomic neuropathy. The autonomic function tests were severely abnormal. The patients were followed up for 7 months (1-month control phase, 3 months on treatment, and 3 months off treatment). The study was stopped in patient 1 after 3 months on EPO because of serious problems from foot sepsis. Three patients were already on fludrocortisone, the dose of which was kept constant during the study.

During the 7- month study, the patients performed regular BP readings themselves using an automatic sphygmomanometer (Omron 2000) after undergoing several training sessions according to a standardized protocol. The BP recordings were taken before meals and insulin injections at four different times (morning, midday, afternoon, and bedtime) thrice weekly. The supine BP reading was compared with the lowest value within 5 min of standing. Each patient took between 672 and 1,584 BP readings during the course of the study. The statistical significance of the BP response to treatment with EPO was determined by fitting a nonlinear function of time to each patient’s series of mean BP data ( 4 ). The applied function modelled a constant BP during the control phase, followed by a gradual increase after EPO administration and a gradual decrease after withdrawal of EPO. This model of assumed BP response was developed on the basis of observations made in patients with chronic renal failure during EPO treatment; it is specific in that it only detects BP responses attributable to the EPO stimulus and therefore excludes measurement errors.

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Comments in R are ignored by the parser. Any text from a # character to the end of the line is taken to be a comment, unless the # character is inside a quoted string. For example,

Next: Expressions , Previous: Footlocker Online logo print Tshirt Grey Gieves amp; Hawkes Sale Supply Clearance Footlocker Whole World Shipping B0ZcqUI
, Up: Parser [ Mens Stay Black Dylan slim fit jeans River Island Outlet Manchester Great Sale Free Shipping Supply Buy Cheap Amazing Price Shop For Cheap Price bsPAjhk9W
][ White Reebok Edition Metal Socks VETEMENTS Free Shipping 100% Original Hot Sale Cheap Price gWdcO

Tokens are the elementary building blocks of a programming language. They are recognised during lexical analysis which (conceptually, at least) takes place prior to the syntactic analysis performed by the parser itself.

Next: 11 Oz Jeans Mid Blue GANT Cheap Sale Store Popular And Cheap Free Shipping Lowest Price Lowest Price Cheap Price Clearance Professional YutWXdG
, Previous: Tokens , Up: Tokens [ Contents ][ Real Store Online Womens Petite Supima Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tshirt 10 12 Yellow Lands End ZLDkVWN2jj

There are five types of constants: integer, logical, numeric, complex and string.

In addition, there are four special constants, NULL , NA , Inf , and NaN .

NULL is used to indicate the empty object. NA is used for absent (“Not Available”) data values. Inf denotes infinity and NaN is not-a-number in the floating point calculus (results of the operations respectively 1/0 and 0/0 , for instance).

Logical constants are either TRUE or FALSE .

Numeric constants follow a similar syntax to that of the C language. They consist of an integer part consisting of zero or more digits, followed optionally by ‘ . ’ and a fractional part of zero or more digits optionally followed by an exponent part consisting of an ‘ E ’ or an ‘ e ’, an optional sign and a string of one or more digits. Either the fractional or the decimal part can be empty, but not both at once.

Numeric constants can also be hexadecimal, starting with ‘ 0x ’ or ‘ 0x ’ followed by zero or more digits, ‘ a-f ’ or ‘ A-F ’. Hexadecimal floating point constants are supported using C99 syntax, e.g. ‘ 0x1.1p1 ’.

There is now a separate class of integer constants. They are created by using the qualifier L at the end of the number. For example, 123L gives an integer value rather than a numeric value. The suffix L can be used to qualify any non-complex number with the intent of creating an integer. So it can be used with numbers given by hexadecimal or scientific notation. However, if the value is not a valid integer, a warning is emitted and the numeric value created. The following shows examples of valid integer constants, values which will generate a warning and give numeric constants and syntax errors.

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on January 11, 2018 at 8:30 AM

“The devil is in the details.” That never rang any truer for me than when I needed to document a marketing campaign for the first time. Indeed, the devil is in those many, many details, and I learned a lot about not letting anything slip through the cracks.

Last month we launched some redesigned campaigns for our marketing automation tools. There’s more advanced content on Landing Pages, Automated Campaigns, and Web Tracking, and the individual campaigns interconnect with one another. This means there was a lot more complexity involved.

When the new campaigns successfully launched, I was relieved and overjoyed to be done with the project. Then Peter Nelson, our Director of Product Management, reminded me that I was celebrating prematurely, because I was definitely not done. He needed me to document what I had created in these campaigns.

I popped the cork back into my celebratory bottle of champagne and sat down to “throw together a few pages of notes” for him. I estimated it would take me about one hour. One week and 40+ pages later, and I’m only just about done with the project.

I learned the hard way that documentation is vital, and those devilish details are incredibly important.

Why You Need Documentation for Campaigns

First, why is it important to document a campaign? Not every campaign may feel like it needs its own instruction manual, but all campaigns, especially those designed for long-term or recurring use, merit a little documentation. These campaigns are important resources for your organization – documenting everything can preserve these assets and gear them towards longevity.

You don’t want a staffing change to jeopardize the future of that asset. Peter hates when I use the “if I get hit by a bus tomorrow” analogy, so we’ll pretend that I won the lottery instead. If I were to leave and take all the knowledge of how the campaigns were built and how they function with me, there are definitely enough capable minds here to figure out how it works, but specific troubleshooting may take longer time and waste resources.

These campaigns also go out to clients every week. If any of them call with questions about the campaign, it’s important all our advisors can locate the answer for them quickly. Or if the campaign needs to be edited, the documentation is the only thing readily available to point out concerns for updating certain components.

So, I definitely understand now why this documentation was important for knowledge transfer purposes, but I also had to figure out what I actually needed to include in it.

10 Elements to Include in Campaign Documentation

Here are ten categories I deemed important for documentation:

1. Campaign Inventory

I first created a campaign inventory. This section simply listed the six individual campaigns and gave summaries for each one. It summarized things like the activation type, the activation list, campaign start and end dates, other campaigns branching to or from each individual campaign, and an overview of the purpose of the campaign.

2. Mailing/Email Inventory

Next, I took an inventory of all the mailings (i.e. emails) in the campaign. I listed how many mailings were in each campaign, and I provided the subject line and template used for each individual mailing. If any content needs to be edited, the mailing can be easily found, and there’s no question about which template might need to be updated to reflect the change.

3. Landing Page Inventory

I took inventory of the Landing Pages that were used in the campaign. These pages and how subscribers interact with them are imperative to the progress of the campaign. If a page is removed, it’s important to know which mailings it appears in so they can be updated. In my documentation, I included the name of the page, the type of landing page, the list of mailings that it appears in, and a URL for the page for quick testing purposes.

4. Linked Content Inventory

Then I created an inventory of linked content. In this case, the campaign heavily links to articles in the customer community for our marketing automation tool. Sometimes links to the articles can change, which breaks the old URL. By listing the links for each article and detailing which mailings they are found in, if an article is ever moved, we can search the document to find out if it appears anywhere in the campaign. Then it’s just a matter of quickly updating the link, versus spending hours going through each mailing until the link in question is found.

5. Unique Campaign Elements

I also created a section for Unique Campaign Elements. I added features like our “Monday Resend, ” which allows subscribers to receive the mailing on Saturday, and then click a link to have the content resent to them on a Monday morning. This isn’t a built-in feature of automated campaigns, so it was important to explain what the feature did and how I executed it in the campaign work flow. More than anything, this was a place for me to outline anything atypical, so if other people needed to explain it or edit it, they wouldn’t have to scratch their heads wondering how this was done in the first place. In other words: outline anything you think might confuse people.

6. Campaign Connections

There are six main campaigns that all flow together. I made sure to create something to visually represent the flow between the campaigns, and then wrote a summary on how the campaigns hand-off to one another. If anyone ever needs to find out how someone could have entered a specific campaign, this will be a quick way to find out the possible pathways.

7. Work Flows

I included screen shots of all the campaign work flows. There’s no need to log into the system to see what a specific work flow entails. This is great for a quick reference.

8. FAQ’s

I have yet to include an FAQ section, but that is next on my to-do list. I’ll be wracking my brain to think of anything that could possibly go wrong when editing a campaign, or answer common questions I expect from people who receive the campaign. This should be helpful to our advisors on a support level.

9. Activation List Details

Another section I would like to add outlines the anatomy of my activation lists. I used mostly compound lists, so if parts of those lists ever change, it’s important to know which lists are affected.

10. Integrated Resource Inventory

Lastly, while I didn’t use any lists from an integrated database for these campaigns, I would take a separate inventory of those as well. Whether the list was used to activate or exclude, anyone managing the campaign needs to know where and how the list was used to make sure the proper subscribers are entering and leaving the campaign.

Documentation Helps with Campaign Management

I’m still not the biggest fan of technical writing, but I’m definitely a believer in the need for campaign documentation. My team is prepared to manage these campaigns in the event I finally pick those winning lottery numbers, and our support staff will be armed and ready to answer questions about the campaign quickly. These ten categories set the campaigns up to be easily editable assets for a long time to come, and that benefits us as well as our clients!

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